The Ionic Foot Bath Detox effectively removes a variety of toxins, acids, fungal yeast, including heavy metals and chemical compounds from the body. It is the only foot detox system in the world with a micro-computer chip conducting the detox process safely and accurately, with quality control and consistency throughout each session.


     The body uses electrical impulses from the brain to communicate and perform many tasks including detoxification. If the body’s energy (voltage) is low the body cannot function at its optimal level.

     The client places their feet in warm salt water. Water alone is a poor conductor of electricity. To reach the desired frequency that will energize the water, salt is required.

     The system is turned on and the array emits a bio-energetic resonance that travels through the water and through the body. This raises the body’s bio-electric energy, The resonance from the array becomes one with the resonance in the body. This action speeds up a sluggish metabolism and directs cells in the organs and tissues to detoxify.

     There are over two thousand sweat glands and pores in each foot. Toxins naturally accumulate and pool at the feet due to the pull of gravity.

     The array consist of a polarized, positive and negative charged coil that magnetically draws the bi-products and toxins through the pores and sweat glands in the feet and into the water. The particles bond together in the water and cannot re-enter the body.

     The company’s original headquarters in London sent water samples from their clientele to an MRI lab for analysis. Contrasting profiles were documented . The results proved to contain human metabolites, toxins, excess acids, fungal yeast, heavy metals and chemical compounds.



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