Why Detox?

     At the present time we are bombarded with industrial and agricultural chemicals, anti bacterial soaps, cleansers, pesticides, preservatives, food additives, heavy metals, pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, along with other poisons. Our water supply contains excessive levels of lead and other pollutants.

     Detoxification is the body's natural process of neutralizing and eliminating toxins via the eliminative organs, (colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, and skin). Today many health professionals agree that toxins accumulate in the system faster than they can be eliminated, and support the theory that as these toxins from unnatural sources build up, the eliminative organs can become overburdened, leaving us vulnerable to chronic and degenerative conditions.
     Ancient Egypt was known as the mother of medicine. From this land came the very foundation and framework of all our medical history, including medical practices and procedures. In 3000 BC a great physician (Imholsp) wrote the first recorded medical text. Other ancient manuscripts including the Ebers Paperus (1400 BC, and the writings of Hippocrates (460 BC), are believed to have been taken from the Imholsp text.

     The Ebers Papyrus is the earliest medical manual prescribing colon hydrotherapy for 20 or more digestive and intestinal ailments, along with other conditions such as headaches and migraines. Centuries later Hippocrates, the Greek physician known as the father of western medicine viewed colon hydrotherapy as a fundamental, vital therapy to detox and cleanse the body of toxic wastes responsible for ill health, using this procedure as a treatment on many of his patients. He believed that health begins in the colon. "Although debated among physicians, his theory is supported by many medical doctors, naturopaths, and other health professionals stating that detoxifying and cleansing are powerful and valuable tools to assist mankind in eliminating symptoms, allergies, degenerative diseases, and preventing future health issues.

     Read why many physicians at present, on the cutting edge of alternative health are unwavering in their opinion that internal cleansing and detoxification are the key to vitality, energy, and vibrant health, along with a list of conditions and symptoms that they believe are consistent with the amount of toxic build up in the body:

The Value of Colon Hydrotherapy



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