One of the benefits of exercise is detox.  Exercise has a cleansing effect on all of your organs by accelerating the natural detoxification process. The oxygen you take in at the time of exercise helps remove toxins from the cells. It also encourages the release of carbon dioxide. It moves toxin through the lymph more correctly and precisely than most other forms of lymph drainage. Exercise provides circulation to bring nutrients to the muscles, organs, and tissues. Exercise allows you to sweat out accumulated toxins through the pores and sweat glands.

Note: Not all exercise is suitable for everyone. It is best to research contraindications for specific  forms of exercise before investing in expensive programs.

    Running, walking, stretching, swimming, dancing, zumba, and outdoor sports are some popular and worthy forms of exercise.

    Zumba is one of the most innovative and accelerating forms of exercise of our times.  "Zumba is a fusion of Latin and International music-dance themes that create a dynamic exciting, effective fitness system combining aerobic/fitness, fitness interval training, and resistance training with easy to follow dance steps."

    Massage has been a popular method of encouraging the natural detoxification process throughout the body since ancient times. When massage is done properly it relaxes the muscles permitting toxins and pathogens to leave the cells more rapidly. It is very important to support the therapeutic effects of massage, as it is with every detoxification modality, by drinking plenty of good quality water.


    Lymphatic Drainage Massage can be useful in detoxification if it is done accurately.  It is imperative for the massage therapist to use light, 4 ounce pressure throughout the massage for it to be effective. Precise pressure takes much practice and skill to be consistent.

    With lymph edema, the lymph is unable to drain properly due to swollen tissue. Lymph edema affected tissue is prone to infection and is contraindicated in lymphatic drainage massage. See DRY SKIN BRUSHING and EXERCISE for the most natural, efficient, method of moving the lymph.

Dry Skin Brushing is extremely effective in detox, and at helping the lymph move through the system.

Dry Skin Brushing Procedure for Lymphatic Drainage

    It is important to use short, light, unrepeated strokes.

    It is best to do this directly before a warm shower and ending with a cooler temperature. It takes about 3 to 5 minutes. Begin with a dry, natural bristle brush with a long handle.

    Start at the bottom of your left foot, moving up your leg and to the hip. Repeat with the right foot and up the leg to the hip. Brush the buttocks, around the hip and circulate over the abdomen around the navel.

    Brush up to, and around the breast, being careful to avoid the nipples.

    Beginning at the palm of your left hand, move up the arm to the shoulder. Repeat with the right hand, up the arm to the shoulder.

    Finish by brushing down your chin, neck, clavicle area, and to the heart.

    There are other methods of dry skin brushing for circulation, sloughing off dead cells, permitting the skin to eliminate toxins more efficiently through the pores.

    Acupuncture is a healing method where hair-thin needles are inserted into the skin at specific locations. This method breaks up energy blocks and assists the body in eliminating toxins and waste, thus allowing the body to heal and repair more rapidly more easily.

    Far Infrared Saunas cleanse and detoxify the body on a cellular level by using safe, radiant heat at a lower heat range than other saunas. Some of the woods used to make saunas are toxic and cause an out-gas. For complete information regarding safety on far infrared saunas.

*We do not offer exercise, massage, skin brushing, acupuncture or infrared sauna services at Genesis Alternative Health.




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