Body Ecology Counseling

     Body Ecology Counseling is designed to assist those who suffer with candidiasis and other health related imbalances including unpleasant symptoms to serious degenerative diseases.

     It is a system using seven basic, universal principals to equip the client with a toolbox of information teaching and empowering them to:
     *restore and maintain the important friendly flora that makes up 70% of your immune system
     *conquer food cravings
     *learn the value of an alkaline diet
     *learn proper food combining
     *learn how to order healthy meals when dinning out
     * eat healthy and satisfying snacks
     * prepare and plan healthy meals with foods you enjoy

     Body Ecology Counseling expands the client’s skills; much like teaching a starving person to fish that will provide him with food for a lifetime versus giving him a fish, which will only feed him for one day. For more information on candida and fungal yeast, click here.

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